Monikie Angling Club
* To join or rejoin the club, download our Membership Application Form here.
* To book a boat (members and visitors) – phone 01382 370300.
* Club Bookings – mailto: <> or phone: 01382 477996.
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Book A Boat

To book a boat (members and visitors) please phone the Bailiff on 01382 370300, any day, 9.00 am – 10.30 am, 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm and 5.00 pm – 6.30 pm (later time during double sessions only).

Club Bookings – email: or
phone: 01382 477996

It costs less to fish as a member so why not join our club? Membership costs only £55* plus a one-off joining fee of £10. You can download an application form here
Junior (under-18) membership is free, and juniors – members and visitors – fish for free at all sessions. However, they must be accompanied by an adult. Terms and conditions apply.

* £55 membership fee includes an evening session voucher.

Prices are per rod, full session. Four fish limit.

Member – £21
OAP member (over 65) – £19
Non-Member – £31
Non-Member fishing as guest with Member – £29
Member and Non-member – £50
OAP Member and Non-member – £48
OAP & Member – £40
Affiliated Club bookings – £28. NB – No discount for MAC members.
Two Non-members – £62
Juniors (under 18) – No charge. See below.

Half Day sessions. Two fish limit per rod.

Member (inc OAPs) – £14.
Two members – £28.
Non-member – £19.
Two non-members – £38.
Member and Non-member – £29.
Juniors – free, using adult's catch limit
  • Single and Double vouchers are available for members and visitors. They can be purchased via our Promotions Page
  • Members can use a voucher to “pay” for their boat at any time EXCEPT when fishing with a visiting club on a club booking.
  • Double vouchers can be used when fishing with ANY other person at no additional cost.
  • Voucher included with the Club membership is valid only for an Evening session..
  • Juniors (under 18) fishing with an adult fish free using the adult’s catch limit.

Important notice for all anglers

Once you have caught, and kept, the allocated limit of fish for your boat you MUST stop fishing and leave the water. To prevent damage to fish, anglers who have returned fish (using barbless or de-barbed hooks) should stop fishing once they have returned 15 fish. Anglers who have returned 15 fish can continue fishing if they keep any further fish caught up to their limit.
All brown caught after October 6 must be returned.
* In an emergency during fishing sessions, the bailiff can be contacted on 07775 136171.

Get in touch

  • Address: Monikie Angling Club, Monikie Country Park, Dundee DD5 3QN.


  • Phone: 01382 370300 to book a boat.
  • email:

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Phone 01382 370300 to book