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Essential info from season 2017

Election of Office Bearers

The AGM of the club was held on the 4th of December 2017 and the following were elected unanimously by the members

President - Ian Mclean
Treasurer - Duncan Inglis
Secretary - Ian Duffus
Fish Convenor - Brian Wilkie
Hut Convenor - Tom McKay
Baliff Convenor - Fraser McKay
Membership Convenor - Steve Carmichael
Booking Convenor - Peter Craft

Club Secretary

From Ian McLean - To all club members,
Alex Murray is retiring as club Secretary at the end of the season. He has been club Secretary for the past 15 years and has done an excellent job running the administration of the club. I will have more to say on this at the AGM.
At this time I would like to ask if any club member would be willing to take on the job of Club Secretary.
No special qualifications are required, but being able to use a computer and take minutes would be an advantage.
Any interested party please contact myself or any committee member or email the club:

Visiting Club Bookings

Please note that visiting clubs wishing to fish Monikie waters should now preferably make their bookings by email to . Alternatively, please contact the Club Secretary.

Car Parking

The following is a letter from the club president:

I am receiving complaints from Angus Alive Ranger Staff about the misuse of the disabled car park at the island pond hut.
I must remind you that only permit holders/ disabled badge holders and duty bailiffs are allowed to park there and dropping off gear is not permitted.
There have also been complaints about the speed of some cars entering the area so please be careful and drive as slowly as possible down to the hut.
If any member can justify being given a permit for health/mobility reasons please contact the club secretary.
We are fully aware that many of our members are getting older and wish to be able to continue fishing by parking as close as possible to the venue. Something we are trying to help them do.
Our bailiffs will be instucted to be vigilant about improper use of the car park and will enforce the rules with the full backing of the committee i.e. offenders will be told to return their cars to the main carpark, which is free to members, any argument or refusal will not be viewed favourably by the committee.
I am sorry to be laying down the law about this but we have to ensure that the requirements of those who genuinely need the disabled carpark are protected.
This is a valuable asset we have which was very difficult to obtain and the last thing we need is to lose it.
If anyone has any queries or requires further information about this please contact either myself or the club secretary.
Hopefully with your co-operation we will have no more complaints and our less able anglers can continue to enjoy the benefits of parking close to the hut.
Thank You
Ian Mclean (President)

MAC Facebook Group

We now have a Facebook group especially for Monikie Angling Club. Please join the group and share your experiences of fishing MAC waters. To access the group search for Monikie Angling Club in Facebook, or click here

Help Us Protect our Fish Stocks

As we all know the fishing on MAC waters is excellent. This is due in part to the quality of the fish that we stock. In order to help keep our fish in good condition The Committee would ask that if you are returning fish that you try, if possible, to unhook the fish in the net; or even better without even netting them. If you do need to net a fish that you want to return, please make sure that you wet your hands before touching the fish as this minimises damage to the fish's skin. Also, if you are fishing catch and release please use barbless hooks or flatten down your barbs to help reduce damage to the fish. Please also obey all rules regarding fish catch limits at all times, as per our rules and regulations.

Anchoring of Boats

The MAC committee have been asked a few times in recent weeks as to why anchoring is not permitted when fishing. The answer is simple: the bottoms of the ponds are made from puddled mud and we have been advised that the use of anchors could damage this base and thus potentially cause problems. The last thing we want is to have to drain the ponds to do repairs to them, so no anchoring please.

We're on YouTube!

Somebody has posted a lovely wee film on YouTube of them catching trout on the North Pond. Click here to view it.

Fish of the Month

The winners of the fish of the month contest are:
April - Sam Marshall with a fish of 5lb 1oz.
May - Dave Simpson with a fish of 4lbs 80z.
June - R. McClelland with a fish of 5lbs.
July - J. Gibb with a fish of 3lbs 13oz.
August - A. Murray & K. Dickson both with fish of 2lbs 14oz.
September - B. Paterson with a fish of 4lbs 12oz.

Monthly Prize Draws

Rod Winners
The winners of the monthly prize draw, kindly sponsored by Angus Angling are:
April - E. Seaward no. 269
May - H. Anderson no. 314 & J. Lorimer no. 420
June - J. Gordon no. 50
July - D. Robertson no. 7
August - R McMillan no. 286
September - S. Richmond no. 247

Box of Flies Winners
The winners of the monthly draw for a box of flies, kindly tied and donated by Wullie Thomson are:
April - Malcolm Roy no. 148
May - G. McKay no. 329
June - J. McDougal no. 205
July - J. Galloway no. 21
August - Peter Walls no. 354.
September - G. McLean no. 324

2017 Club Championship

Winner - Barend Bosche
Runner-up - Robert Gibson
3rd Place - Neil Anderson

2017 Stewart Brymer Trophy

Winner - Dave Simpson
Runner-up - Jim Strachan
3rd Place - Colin Brown

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